YONGNUO Lens 100mm F2 AF

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Ideal Background Blur and Quick Autofocus

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Ideal Background Blur and Quick Autofocus

---YONGNUO Medium telephoto Lens Prime YN100mm F2
Perspective Compressed Effect
The 100mm focal length,which is the equal of 160mm on the APS-C camera, it will let the work generate spatial perspective compressed effect and more close to the background.
Large Aperture
F2 large aperture,which blur the background and highlight the subject. 
Supports Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF) Mode
Supports auto focus (AF) and manual focus (MF) mode,allows you choose the focus mode as needed. 
Nine Aperture Blades 
The aperture blades up to 9 pieces,which allows you to shoot the near circular defocused spots,appropriately narrow the apertures can shoot the 18 astral effect.
Metal Bayonet,Outstanding durability
Adopts chrome high precision metal bayonet,which effectively improve the goodness to fit the camera body and the bayonet ruggedness, wear and corrosion resistance for durable use.
Equipped with Focusing Range Indicator
Equipped with focusing range indicator to convenient you to judge the object distance and the size of the depth of field.
Supports Multiple Shooting Modes
Supports multiple shooting modes,and the aperture and data can be displayed in the EXIF Information.
Glass Lenses,Multi-coated
The whole series products are formed by glass lenses,which with multi-coated and effectively improve light transmittance and the inhibit the ghost shadow and glare in photographing.
Gold Plating Technology
Adopts gold plating metal contacts,effectively improve the signal conductivity and corrosion resistanc